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Photography of Celia RobertsCelia Roberts, photographerCelia Roberts is a professional photographer/artist whose work reveals her interest in and sensitivity to nature, as well as special cultures and populations in developing countries and the U.S.

"For me, photography has been about learning how to see, and by seeing, I mean becoming increasingly aware of the subtle beauty in nature and in our own lives. When we begin to see beauty in these places, in the simple things, then our lives become far more magical, more satisfying. Through my images, I want people to be gently reminded of those simple, beautiful aspects of nature that surround each of us, and to be more deeply in relationship with and committed to one another's well-being, wordwide."

Images shown throughout this web site are availale for purchase. Framed sizes vary from 8x10 to 24x30, and each image is displayed with carefully selected mat colors.

Celia Roberts Photographer Celia Roberts Photographer Celia Roberts Photographer

Celia Roberts - Earth Images